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Adler Hydro-Vac Services, LLC is a safety service company with a belief in promoting a strong family culture delivering superior safety. We embrace a strong “Behavioral Based” safety program with a mindset that there is always opportunity
for improvement. Adler Hydro-Vac Services remains committed to protecting all employees, customers, environment and property through effective training increasing awareness of all industry challenges. Adler Hydro-Vac Services delivers
Superior safety with a commitment from each stakeholder for the following:

✓ Compliance with Adler Hydro-Vac Services Health, Environment & Safety Program
✓ Compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations
       o Compliance with Drug Free Workplace
       o Compliance with DOT Regulations
                 – Routine Physical Examinations
       o Compliance with PHMSA Requirements
✓ Compliance with all Customer Site Specific Programs
✓ Commitment to Continued Safety Training
✓ Compliance with Required PPE
✓ Commitment to Interactive Daily Safety Meetings
✓ Commitment to be Aware of All Dangers Around Work Site & Fellow Stakeholders
✓ Commitment to “Right to Refuse Unsafe Work”
✓ Report Identified Hazards, Near Misses, Incidents and Accidents Immediately

Adler Hydro-Vac Services strengthens its safety program by enrolling in contractor
management and compliance programs, including:

✓ IsNet World        ✓ Veriforce
✓ Avetta                 ✓ PEC Safety

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